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Congratulations to the winners of the McMaster Engineering & Science Olympics on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

Photos are being posted in batches on our Facebook page, check back regularly to see yours at: www.facebook.com/goeng1mac. Be sure to follow us on Social Media @goeng1mac and Tweet your pics from the Olympics with the tag #macengolym !

Welcome to the 25th year of our McMaster Engineering & Science Olympics and Open House, which is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering with guest departments from the Faculty of Science.

The Olympics and Open House introduces high school students to the exciting world of Engineering and Science through a visit to the McMaster University campus and a day full of academic competitions and engaging activities.

It is an excellent opportunity for high school students to meet our faculty, staff and current undergraduate students while enjoying friendly competition aimed at honing students' creativity and problem-solving skills. Our Open House includes labs, discussions and demonstrations which offer a glimpse into different topics of interest and a chance to learn more about our Engineering and Science programs, departments, and facilities.


When I first attended the Engineering Olympics, it was a fun way to meet like-minded people and challenge myself outside of regular classes. As I moved into my senior years, the professors and Mac Eng students helped me make an informed decision... [more]

Robin Yee - attended in 2009
Engineering Physics IV

This was the first year that our school participated in this event and we will most definitely return! The students were thrilled to watch all the competitions they could but what they were most impressed with were the presentations and workshops... [more]

Nadia Camara - attended in 2014
Stouffville District Secondary School

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