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Teachers Challenge

Hosted by Engineering Outreach & Enrolment

Join the Challenge and win entrance awards for your students who will attend McMaster in Science or Engineering! Description: To be eligible a teacher must be with a team of students attending the Engineering and Science Olympics & Open House. The Challenge will take place during lunch beginning at 12:15pm, with everyone watching. Creativity is beneficial and vocal assistance from your students is encouraged.


One entry per school.

This is a fun event to provide teachers the opportunity of assigning entrance prizes to student(s) of his/her choice who applies to and is accepted into McMaster Engineering or Science.

Each teacher "challenger" entering the Challenge will be provided with a container of materials and tools.

Each container will have the same selection of materials and tools, such as tape, straws, scissors.

On the word "GO!" from the appointed official the challengers will build, using only the materials and tools provided, an appropriate free-standing structure.

Vocal assistance from students is allowed but all "non-challengers" must remain outside of the designated construction zone.

Full and final rules will be available at Challenge time. Judges rulings will be final.


Up to $5000 in award offers made annually, based on participation and overall results.

Competitions (2016):

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