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Chemical Forensics

Hosted by the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Maximum number of teams = 45 (9 teams/slot)
Number of competitors per team is 3

Teams will compete against one another and against the clock.

  • This is a team event requiring some basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Each team will take part in three mini-competitions requiring different chemical forensics skills.
  • Time is a factor so speed will count. Final standings will be based on each team's combined score for all three competitions.

Competitions (2016):

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for more info

- Biotech to the Rescue!
- Chemical Forensics
- Civil Canada Arm
- Egg High Drop
- Global Water Challenge
- L.E.A.P.'s Keep it Hot
- Mechanical Transporter
- Mental Gymnastics
- Mini-Car Jump
- Oodles of Noodles
- Photonic Puzzles
- Physics Paper Triathlon
- Pictorial Essay
- Software Challenge
- Teachers Challenge
- The Speeding Brain
- Twists and Turns