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L.E.A.P.'s Keep it Hot

Hosted by the Engineering Alumni Office
Maximum Number of Teams: 30 (6 per timeslot)
Number of Competitors per Team is 4


The teams will be competing to see who can design and build the most efficient thermos. Each team will be given one small bottle. They will be given a list of items that can be bought from the store to insulate the bottle. Boiling water will be placed inside the bottle and an initial temperature will be recorded. The bottle will be placed inside the designed thermos and the timer will begin. After 5 minutes the temperature of the water will be recorded again. Points will be awarded to the teams with the highest efficiency (lowest change in temperature). Bonus points will be awarded for the team with the most cost efficient design.

The top overall prize is a $400/team bursary to L.E.A.P.($100 per student team member). More information about our hands on engineering summer programs can be found at the L.E.A.P. website, http://leap.mcmaster.ca


  1. Each school may register an “A” and “B” team only (2 per school)
  2. The thermos must meet the minimum height requirement
  3. Once an item is purchased, there are no returns
  4. Teams will be given a budget of $50
  5. The top of the bottle cannot be sealed
  6. Failure to follow the above rules will result in a disqualification
  7. The decision of the judge is FINAL.

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