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Egg High Drop

Hosted by the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Note:The construction of the "package" is to be completed BEFORE the day of the Olympics. Prior to arrival, the two team members responsible for the release and recovery tasks should be determined.

Maximum number of teams = 50 (10 per timeslot)
Number of competitors: 4 per team


Teams will construct, in advance, a package to protect an egg which will be dropped to a lower level and free fall to hit a target below. The egg is to remain unbroken.

1. Each team will design and construct a package according to these specifications:

  • The material used cannot include electronics of any type.
  • At the time of release, the entire package must fit inside a 25 cm cube.
  • To 'hit the target' the entire package and its contents must land and remain within the target area (bouncing may occur).

2. One Grade A Large chicken egg will be supplied for each entry. Each team will have a maximum of 4 minutes to insert the egg, prepare the package for competition, and present the package to be massed (in grams) immediately prior to launch. No adjustment to the package may be made after it has been massed.

3. Each team presents its package, receives an egg to insert and prepares to launch.

4. The High Drop pit area will be as followed:

  • Launch area - semi-circle with radius ~10ft (Located ~18ft above target area)
  • Target area - a point on the ground, ~16ft away from launch area. The radius of the target area is ~6ft.

5. One team member tosses the package over the railing and may not touch anything after launch until impact. In the event that the package strikes anything in its flight the team will be disqualified.

  • The distance (D) from the point of impact to the target will be measured in cm.
  • The package must be opened by another team member, and the unbroken egg must be produced within 30 seconds after impact or it will be disqualified.

All observers and participants will stay safely behind identified lines.


The package closest to hitting the target, and with the largest value of X without breaking the egg will be the winner. Second and third place will be similarly determined by comparison of calculated X values.

X = [200 - D]/m

Where D is the distance (cm) from the centre of the target and m is the total mass (g) of the transport vehicle including the egg.

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