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Olympics Entrance Prizes

Winners who place in the top three ranks for each competition are offered entrance awards to McMaster's Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Science. Teacher competing in the 2012 Olympics

Over $20,000 in McMaster University Engineering/Science entrance awards are offered annually and are available to winners upon registration at McMaster. (Non-transferable)

The top three winning teachers will receive entrance awards in the following amounts: 1st $500; 2nd $300, and 3rd $100.

Each school represented by a participant will recieve a $100 honorarium to use in nominating a student who enters Engineering or Science at McMaster University. Only one team may compete per school in attendance. (Note: Awards may be split between students, but each payment must be a minimum of $50 per student.)


This was the first year that our school participated in this event and we will most definitely return! The students were thrilled to watch all the competitions they could but what they were most impressed with were the presentations and workshops... [more]

Nadia Camara - attended in 2014
Stouffville District Secondary School

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your effort and great work from your team. Our school had a blast that day and it was truly an amazing experience. We are definitely going to come next year again since we had SO MUCH to do that day we weren't... [more]

Jennessa Youm - attended in 2009
Crestwood Preparatory College

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