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Congratulations Olympics 2012 Winners!

Prizes are given in the form of Entrance Scholarship Prizes awarded upon registration at McMaster University in Engineering or Science. Award letters and supplementary prizes (such as movie tickets for 1st place!) will be MAILED to your school once teachers have confirmed the names of the winning team participants.

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First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Please note: All teams are 'A-teams' unless specified as a 'B-team'.
Biotech to the Rescue
1 38B. Centennial C.V.I. Guelph
2 45B. Westlane Secondary School Niagara Falls
3 26B. St. Benedict C.S.S. Cambridge

Chemical Forensics
1 31B. Don Mills CI Toronto
2 10. Glenforest S.S. Mississauga
5B. Earl Haig S.S. Toronto

Civil Canada Arm
1 36. Michael Power St. Joseph H.S. Etobicoke
2 11. HeartLake S.S. Brampton
3 1. St. Joseph Catholic H.S. St. Thomas

Egg High Jump
1 16B. Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. Agincourt
2 16. Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. Toronto
3 31B. Don Mills C.I. Toronto

Engineering Jeopardy
1 23. Royal St. Georges College Toronto
2 41. Courtice S.S. Clarington
3 35. Nelson High School Burlington

Mechanical Transporter
1 28. Our Lady of Mount Carmel S.S. Mississauga
2 8B. Sir Winston Churchill S.S. St. Catharines
3 32. Eden High School St. Catharines

Mental Gymnastics
35. Nelson High School Burlington
10B. Glenforest S.S. Mississauga
19B. William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. Toronto

Mini-Car Jump
12. Banting Memorial H.S. Alliston
13. Woburn C.I. Toronto
15. PACE Richmond Hill

Oodles of Noodles
1 18. St. Mary C.S.S. Hamilton
2 7B. Bishop Macdonell C.S.S. Guelph
3 37. Aldershot School Burlington

Photonic Puzzles
1 16B. Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. Toronto
2 38B. Centennial C.V.I. Guelph
3 35. Nelson High School Burlington

Physics Paper Triathlon
1 30. Victoria Park C.I. Toronto
2 46. Fieldstone Day School Toronto
3 16. Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. Toronto

Software Challenge
1 23. Royal St. Georges College Oakville
2 30. Victoria Park C.I. Toronto
3 13. Woburn C.I. Toronto

The Speeding Brain
24. White Oaks S.S. Oakville
40B. Cardinal Newman H.S. Toronto
51B. Pierre Elliott Trudeau H.S. Markham

Twists & Turns
1 30B. Victoria Park C.I. Toronto
2 17B. St. Aloysius Gonzaga S.S. Mississauga
3 31. Don Mills C.I. Toronto

Pictorial Essay
School: Student names: Title: Score:
FOR 2012 we have two ties for 1st & 2nd place!    
1 Earl Haig S.S. Kirstin Xie & Lisa Xuan A Simple Spectator 85%
1 HeartLake S.S. Srishti Vashishtha & Kashish Bedi Battery Low 85%
2 Blessed Trinity C.S.S. Bianca Serkhanian Becoming Barbie 84%
2 Don Mills C.I. Jennifer Tran & Molly Zhai Do you feel Compulsed? 84%
3 St. Joan of Arc Malaika Gomes & Caroline George Wired by Technology 83%

* * *

LEAP Design Challenge 2012
Winners selected by draw: $100 per student bursary toward McMaster's LEAP program
School 20. Philip Pocock C.S.S. Mississauga
Students Ryan D Abigail A
  Svgandha B Julia T

Teacher's Challenge
School & Teacher Prize (for students)
1 7. Bishop Macdonell C.S.S. - Vince Venneri $1,500
2 13. Woburn C.I. - Rosemary Enright $900
3 2. Bishop Strachan School - Kelly Kirkpatrick $500
4 51. Pierre Elliott Trudeau H.S. - Borzou Salavati $300
5 11. HeartLake S.S. - Stephen Penner $200
ALL Teachers who did not place in the top 5 rankings and who participated in the Challenge will receive $100 prize (per school) to be awarded to the student of their choice. First 5 awards may be split among students to a max. of $500 per person. Please note: Only schools with teachers signed in on the score sheet can be awarded the $100 for participation.

Past winners of the Olympics

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