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What Does an Engineer Do?

Engineers design and build much of the world around us. Whether you’re interested in traditional areas such as electrical or mechanical engineering to emerging areas in bioengineering and nanotechnology, you will gain the experience and skills you'll need to get involved in building the world that you envision.

Studying engineering offers the potential for a future in many diverse and rewarding fields, including:

  • Medicine
  • Sports
  • Communications
  • Research
  • Production
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Natural Resources
  • Law
  • Computers
  • Architecture
  • Entertainment
  • Business

If you are creative, inventive and concerned with the complex interactions between technology and society, then engineering is a career you should consider. With a degree in engineering you will develop the research and analytical skills that will help you succeed, whether you choose a traditional field of work or follow a non-traditional career path.

Engineering 1 at McMaster

Engineering students at McMaster attend a common first year program, ‘Engineering I’, which provides a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals. After first year, students choose from one of the widest ranges of engineering program options in Canada, some with specializations such as nano-devices, nuclear engineering & energy systems, photonics, aerodynamics, and bioengineering, and most have five-year Management and Society options.

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Seeing our own engineering students working together to host our high school guests on campus is fabulous. We get a chance to meet some of our future Mac Eng students at the Olympics every year. Our current student volunteers rave about their... [more]

Lucy Sheung - attended in 2009
Manager, Outreach & Enrolment, McMaster Engineering

This was my first time attending the Olympics and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with EVERYTHING. The volunteers were excellent. There were so many things for the students and teachers to take advantage of and the kids had the most... [more]

Gillian Woodcock-Ashford - attended in 2011
Martingrove Collegiate Institute

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