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Parking Information

Click here for a MAP of the McMaster University campus to help you find parking and our Olympics locations.

[McMaster University is located in Hamilton, Ontario at 1280 Main Street West.]

CARS: Please park in Lot M or P

Guests who are driving are encouraged to carpool and should enter the McMaster campus via Cootes Drive, follow the road to the left and along Westaway Rd. (bridge) and follow it to the bottom of the hill and park in Lot M or P. Any guests arriving by car will be required to pay the daily rate. Lot M daily flat rate is $6.


Drive up to  and stop in front of the gate. The entry station will be activated. Touch the black button surrounded by flashing lights directly below the screen. Wait for ticket to print. Once you remove the ticket, the gate arm will go up and you are free to park. Take the ticket with you but DO NOT bend or fold it. Before you return to your vehicle take ticket to the pay station next to the bus stop shelter and follow the instructions posted. Your validated ticket can then be inserted at the exit gate. The gate will rise and you can exit the lot.

IF you choose to park on the main campus (i.e. Lot I), the rate is $5/hr to a maximum full day rate will of $20.


  • Buses should enter via the Main Street entrance by McMaster Hospital and proceed north on University Avenue past the parking booth.

  • Turn LEFT onto College Crescent to unload passengers. (Near the big white tent on the lawn.) Parking staff and volunteers in red Fireball t-shirts will be available to assist you with directions.

  • Proceed west on College Crescent and follow it to the RIGHT past another parking booth, stop sign and along Westaway Rd. (over the bridge) to the bottom of the hill where you will see Lot P.

  • Please park in the back of the lot along with the University's white Shuttle Buses. If there is no parking attendant to assist, please press the entry Intercom button for access.

  • IF you would like to offer directions to your bus driver to a local mall, Limeridge Mall is an easily accessed location which will allow your driver to enjoy her or his time while you're at the Olympics. See for www.limeridge.ca/EN/centreinfo/Pages/default.aspx a map.

Pictorial Essay participants

  • Pictorial Essays may be dropped off at JHE A114 after 8:30 am.
  • Enter through the Main Street campus entrance (beside McMaster Hospital)..
  • Drivers will drop off their passenger(s) on the south side of JHE (John Hodgins Engineering Annex) building on College Crescent.
  • Vehicles are not to be left unattended while dropping off materials. Once passengers and projects are dropped off, all vehicles must proceed to to one of the lower lots or pay the full day rate to park on campus near the event.


The Olympics were a lot of fun; I really enjoyed having the opportunity to tackle engineering problems, and to get a handle on some of the skills that engineers use day to day. It was also a great way to get acquainted with McMaster's campus, and... [more]

Zachary Strong - attended in 2009
Engineering Physics & Management II

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your effort and great work from your team. Our school had a blast that day and it was truly an amazing experience. We are definitely going to come next year again since we had SO MUCH to do that day we weren't... [more]

Jennessa Youm - attended in 2009
Crestwood Preparatory College

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