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Teachers Challenge

Hosted by Engineering Outreach & Enrolment

Teachers Join our Challenge and show us your skills! Win valuable entrance award prizes to be given to the student(s) of your choice! Each year, teachers who compete win entrance award offers for (their nominated) students who choose to enrol in first year undergraduate degree program in either the Faculty of Engineering or Science.


The top 3 winning teams/teachers will receive entrance awards in the following amounts: 1st $600; 2nd $400, and 3rd $200

Awards may be split between students, but each payment must be a minimum of $50 per student. Each school represented by a participant will recieve a $100 honorarium to use in nominating a student who enters Engineering or Science at McMaster University. Only one team may compete per school in attendance.


To be eligible a teacher must be with a team of students attending the Engineering and Science Olympics & Open House. The 45-minute Challenge will take place during lunch beginning at 12:15pm, with everyone watching. Creativity is beneficial and vocal assistance from your students is encouraged.


This is a fun event to provide teachers the opportunity of assigning entrance prizes to student(s) of his/her choice who applies to and is accepted into McMaster Engineering or Science.

Each teacher "challenger" entering the Challenge will be provided with a container of materials and tools.

Each container will have the same selection of materials and tools, such as tape, straws, scissors.

On the word "GO!" from the appointed official the challengers will build, using only the materials and tools provided, the surprize project to be announced.

Students are encouraged to cheer their teachers on but please have them stay behind the barriers so the challengers can work safely in the designated construction zone.

Full and final rules will be available when the rules are announced at Challenge time (beginning 12:15 pm). Judges rulings will be final.