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I must say that we all had a fabulous time at the Science Olympics. Thank you for organizing this and making sure we had a good time. Our students felt it was really worth attending. We are actually looking forward to next year's event and we will do it on a larger scale. Thank you once again.

Tess Antony - attended in 2009
Teacher, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School

McMaster's reputation, beautiful campus and welcoming atmosphere influenced my decision to pursue my engineering degree here. As a student, I felt a sense of belonging and enjoy the way students are always willing to support and help each other. Volunteering at events like the Olympics was my way of getting involved and giving back!

Joy Singh - attended in 2009
McMaster Engineering Alumni - Mechatronics 2009

The Olympics was a fantastic event, for all the volunteers, students and teachers. As an undergrad volunteer, I felt I had a positive impact on the guests attending and spread the word about engineering. Thank you so much to Deborah and the organizers for all of your hard work in planning this wonderful event!

Danielle Marie - attended in 2014
McMaster University - Materials Science & Engineering

The Olympics were a lot of fun; I really enjoyed having the opportunity to tackle engineering problems, and to get a handle on some of the skills that engineers use day to day. It was also a great way to get acquainted with McMaster's campus, and the Mac Eng community. My Olympics experience solidified my decision to become an Engineering student, and the faculty and campus drew me to McMaster

Zachary Strong - attended in 2009
Engineering Physics & Management II

This was my first time attending the Olympics and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with EVERYTHING. The volunteers were excellent. There were so many things for the students and teachers to take advantage of and the kids had the most wonderful time competing in the activities! We will surely make this an annual event from this year onwards. As a Mac grad (B. Sc. In Biochem) – I couldn’t be more proud!

Gillian Woodcock-Ashford - attended in 2011
Martingrove Collegiate Institute

I participated in the Engineering and Science Olympics in 2004. I still remember very clearly getting together after school with my team to design our egg drop. We meticulously calculated and experimented to get the perfect design. There was no way we could fail. I think we must have had a defective egg because somehow when we dropped it down the Hamilton Hall staircase, our egg broke! Despite not winning, the Engineering and Science Olympics experience was overwhelmingly positive and helped cement my decision to study Physics at McMaster. Now, almost 10 years later, I am so excited to be helping run the Physics Paper Triathlon event. I cannot wait for this year's Olympics!

Sara Cormier - attended in 2013

I was a volunteer at the Engineering Olympics in 2013 and had so much fun doing it! It was exciting to see how involved the teachers were with their students and how badly the students wanted to win and represent their schools! I also saw tons of students touring around campus with their friends during the day of the Olympics and getting a taste of a typical school day at Mac. We volunteers are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about university or our programs we are taking at McMaster.

Laura Pravato - attended in 2014
Electrical & Biomedical Engineering`

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your effort and great work from your team. Our school had a blast that day and it was truly an amazing experience. We are definitely going to come next year again since we had SO MUCH to do that day we weren't able to make it to all the great lectures and displays.

Jennessa Youm - attended in 2009
Crestwood Preparatory College

I loved the McMaster Olympics! I thought it was a lot of fun, and a great chance to visit a beautiful campus with friends and see it on my own terms. The Olympics made ALL the difference! I had my heart set on another school, but upon visiting Mac, I KNEW it was the place for me. It was REALLY great being at the University when professors and actual students were around to meet. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I felt right at home at Mac, and visiting it during the Olympics really helped me choose it as my University.

Saranya Amirthamanoharan - attended in 2009
Entering McMaster Fall 2009

This was the first year that our school participated in this event and we will most definitely return! The students were thrilled to watch all the competitions they could but what they were most impressed with were the presentations and workshops going on around the competition. It was a great opportunity for them to see the university and get a taste of some new ideas. Thank you for a great day!

Nadia Camara - attended in 2014
Stouffville District Secondary School

What I love about McMaster Engineering Olympics is the fun spirit of participants and organizers. This event has become a tradition that passes on to new students each year. It gives students who have leadership potential to test their ability for people and time management. And our students always mention this experience in their resume when applying for scholarships and volunteer work!

Vida Ghaem--Maghami - attended in 2012
Don Mills CI

When I came to the Engineering Olympics, I wasn't sure how we would do. At the end of the day, my friends and I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and really enjoyed the event! The events really challenged us to think outside of the box and to be creative. If I had the chance, I would be the first to sign up again and participate. This event really helped interest me to apply at McMaster! Wonderful event!

George Liu - attended in 2012
Westlane Secondary School

When I first attended the Engineering Olympics, it was a fun way to meet like-minded people and challenge myself outside of regular classes. As I moved into my senior years, the professors and Mac Eng students helped me make an informed decision about my options to pursue an education in engineering.

Robin Yee - attended in 2009
Engineering Physics IV

Seeing our own engineering students working together to host our high school guests on campus is fabulous. We get a chance to meet some of our future Mac Eng students at the Olympics every year. Our current student volunteers rave about their memories of the Olympics and we're pleased to have helped create that opportunity for the participants.

Lucy Sheung - attended in 2009
Manager, Outreach & Enrolment, McMaster Engineering

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